You Are the Only You

Come as you are to this Earth,

leave as you are from this Earth,

be who you are on this Earth

as long as you’re alive.

⬤  ⬤  ⬤ 

Just so you know, you’re fine being yourself. You don’t need to follow the norm like some cow in a herd. You don’t need to play the part of perfect citizen and you don’t need to cover up the reality of your life. You shouldn’t idolize. You shouldn’t compare. You shouldn’t follow.

You are you and you are absolutely fine without any extra stuff. Stop coloring your hair. Stop smothering your face in layers of drywall-esque makeup. Stop listening to mindless music you don’t even like. Stop admiring people you actually dislike. Stop slaving away for materialistic things while letting your soul shrivel up into a forgotten skeleton. Stop allowing your brain to be manipulated by our consumerist culture—you don’t need that. You are glorious in the raw. You are magnificent as a single entity. You are fine without a fat paycheck, without a fancy house, without the latest clothes.

You are fine.

You’re fine.

There is no meaning behind a shallow life, a life lived in the pursuit of perfection, a life lived in the exhausting search for popularity, a life lived in worship of the god of pride. Frivolity will freeze your soul to death, and the lies will eat your heart up.

We’re all so concerned with what others are thinking about us, that we never stop to realize this fact:

If I… am thinking about me… and every other person is thinking about themselves… then in reality, my audience is imagined. My critics are invented. My judges and jury are hallucinated, and they’re haunting me for no good reason.

So let your nerves sink into their natural shapes and have a chance to feel without outside interruption. Drink in the serenity of your surroundings. Pick up on the things you’ve dropped, resume walking the road you once loved. Find yourself and don’t let go. You’re a valuable gift to the world, a living piece of art, and you don’t deserve the cruelty you give yourself.

No one is thinking, “Oh, I wonder what she’s doing right now, what she’s wearing right now, what she’s thinking right now,” OR, “I wonder how clean her house is, how smelly her breath is, or if she has a stain on her shirt.”

They’re not worried about how spiffy your social media is, how clean/big/expensive your car/house/job is, or what your daily inner soliloquies are.

We’re all trying to survive. They’re thinking about their own battles, prepping for their own wars. Be kind to yourself, and treasure the truthful things. Spit out the false perceptions, detox yourself of the worthless drama, and relinquish the roar of groupthink. Supplant shallow thinking with curiosity and a love as vast as the cosmos.

And don’t ever go back, because vanity is venom. Pride is poison. Comparison is the thief of joy. Following the norm will sap you of your life force, because you will be chasing a nonexistent beast for as long as it takes you to realize that it’s not attainable. How can you follow something that doesn’t exist, that isn’t tangible? Can you hunt down and catch a shadow?

No one is normal, and that’s the beauty of life. There is not a single normal person in this world. And if they do indeed seem to be normal, it’s because they have suppressed and smothered their true self SO well that it’s hard to even find that tiny soul in such a dismal morass of anonymity.  

It’s been lost in the abyss of self-hate. It’s been lost in a sea of shallow thinking. It’s been lost and it might never be found. Some people live their lives in such an immaculately mediocre way that it would take years to unearth the dusty truth from under their avalanche of lies.

So be you, and stop trying to murder your personality.

The person you are on the inside is beautiful. You’re beautiful when you’re yourself. Authenticity looks good on you. Reality is attractive! Genuine personality is priceless and it’s free to you, it’s free to me, if we just let ourselves be.

Let yourself live, let yourself breathe, in all your God-given lovable awkwardness.

You never know who might adore it.